We provide global perspective and direction to governments, regulatory bodies, and institutions navigating the future of blockchain and digital assets.

  1. Thought Leadership & Future Insights

  2. Legislative & Regulatory Advisory

  3. Competency Building & Educational Training

  4. Community Building & Ecosystem Development


We are setting an unprecedented standard, while initiating financial change around the globe.

Become thought leaders — Whether you’re the leader of a country, Senior Government official, a Central Bank or a Regulatory body, we work with you and your team to create thought leadership in the global blockchain and fin-tech industry. We work to develop a clear and meaningful vision that is achievable and has maximum impact.

Create Economic Opportunities — Diversification of an economy is critical for long term sustainability and future progress and it's critical to embrace the future of finance and trade. We work to identify the various natural extensions in the current economy to develop a fintech platform for future growth and market participation.

Learn from industry leaders — It is important to build a solid foundation for practical legislative drafting and regulatory oversight of the blockchain and digital asset industry. We work one-on-one or with large groups to bring teams up-to-speed with the latest industry best practices and future trends.

Build a sustainable industry — Beyond the laws and regulations lays the opportunity for cultivation of the actual industry and the ecosystem that supports it. We work to assess the market, the current infrastructure and blockchain enthusiasts and catalyze the parts to create a whole ecosystem that is focused and supportive of the same vision as the country’s leadership.

Our leadership team is a combination of thought leaders, agents of change and world-class technologists.

Joseph Weinberg

Crypto Advisor

Bitcoin evangelist, entrepreneur, and technical advisor, Joseph knows his way around the digital currency world. As an early advocate, founder and executive of various crypto projects, Joseph has become a trusted expert in the ecosystem. Advising on various committees for governments and countries around the world.

Loretta Joseph

Regulatory advisor

Loretta is a dynamic, skilled banking, financial and consulting professional with over 25 years in financial markets and related sectors. She has tremendous exposure to global financial markets, multiple asset classes and emerging market environments.

John F. Narraway

Technology Advisor

John is a futurist, entrepreneur and blockchain expert. He is a veteran in the global startup and mobile technology space, having held several C-level positions in both private and publicly traded companies along with creating numerous technology ventures.

How We Work

Assess — We take an individualized approach to each country we work with. A complete assessment of the current infrastructure and legislative frameworks allows us to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Plan — From the market assessment we take into account all factors that would lead to a successful outcome. Building out a timeline and critical actions into a comprehensive plan.

Execute — We believe that plans are useless without flawless execution. We set critical milestones and deliverables on mutually agreed timelines. We take-on the heavy lifting to ensure delivery.

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